Working Out with Fitness Pro Kathleen

Working Out with Fitness Pro Kathleen

Here at Ellie, we get our motivation from new gym looks – and our inspiration from members of the Ellie community! Today we’re talking to Kathleen Carter, owner of Work Carter Fitness, who’s showing us some of her favorite workout moves. 

A personal trainer specializing in chronic pain and building healthy lifestyles, Kathleen understands the importance of being active, as her fitness journey also began with recovery, from reconstructive hip surgery in 2013. “I lived in chronic pain for 14 years and finally got myself out of it through movement. I realized how little I knew about the body and wanted to help people move better and feel better.” 

Kathleen finds that sticking to a weekly schedule, with a different exercise each day, helps with accountability. “I also pick workouts I love as much as possible and train with trainers that I know are amazing,“ which means her routine is anything but boring, including everything from barre to HIIT sessions to her go-to dance cardio.

So how does she get ready for a workout? “Pick out an outfit that makes me feel good!” Because at the end of the day, Kathleen considers her workouts a way of self-care. “It's not punishment. It’s a form of love for myself and my body!”

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Warmup – Plank for 30 seconds. Side plank for 20 seconds each side. 


Workout – Repeat circuit 3 times through:

Quadruped row to plank (10 total)

Skull crusher to leg reach (10 total)

Glute bridge with chest press (10 total)

Reverse lunge with hammer curl to overhead press (10 each side)

Skaters (20 total)

Single leg hinge to hop (10 each side)

Downdog to plank with knee drive (10 total)


Cooldown – Do slowly 1 time through: Child’s pose with side reaches. Hip flexor stretch with side bend. Downdog. Fold over with swing side to side.