How To Keep Your 2023 Resolutions

Posted on January 03, 2023

We all do it – make resolutions to be healthier in the coming year. But how do we make sure to keep up with them, especially when it’s reported that only 8 percent of us actually follow through? Well, we want things to be different this year! So we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to make sure your 2023 goals last past January… 

  1. Be realistic: Don’t set yourself up for failure. Set reasonable, achievable fitness goals so you don’t get discouraged early on. Make sure they’re also specific and measurable, so you’re able to see yourself reach every milestone.
  1. Start small:Break up your resolutions into mini goals to hit each week or month. Establishing benchmarks that are easier to achieve and seeing yourself achieve them will help keep you motivated all year long. You could even…
  1. Treat yourself: Rewarding yourself provides you with even more incentive to keep up the great work. And just be nice to yourself in general! Don’t beat yourself up if you have a setback – fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.
  1. Have a well-rounded approach: Your personal wellness goes beyond the gym. Set some goals outside of your workout routine too, like getting more/better sleep, limiting your screen time, and cooking and eating more at home.
  1. Take selfies: Changes in your body don’t always mean changes in your weight. Instead of obsessing over the scale, use photographic evidence to track your progress. Sharing with friends and family helps you follow through too.
  1. Remember to rest:You’re in this for the long haul. Even if you start out strong, you run the risk of burning out if you’re always go, go, go! Avoid fatigue and injury by adding rest days into your routine. And of course, you want to… 
  1. Have fun:We know it’s cliché. But you’re more likely to work out if you enjoy it! Mix up your routine, try something new, or find a buddy, who could even double as an accountability partner. Hopefully you’ll both make it to the end!