Work It Out, Now | Dance Workout with Bounce

Work It Out, Now | Dance Workout with Bounce


Bounce is wearing our May look, Nine Lives.

How many of us love a new and fresh workout idea? There’s something motivating about changing up your workout routine, and we are always here for it! Bounce is a dancer, choreographer, and creative director, and we are getting to know her a little better before she brings us a dance routine that’s a whole lot of fun — you won’t even realize it’s a workout!

What is your favorite way to workout?

One of my favorite ways to workout is definitely dancing. Although it is my career and my favorite thing to do, it really has a way of allowing me to enjoy a workout without feeling like I’m working out.

How has fitness impacted your life?

Fitness has always been something that I was born into. My mom was really into the aerobics world and always kept my siblings and me active. Being born with a heart murmur, what some may normally hear as a non-active condition, was another story for me. Dance and being active really helped me strengthen my heart.

How do you stay balanced?

Balance for me is the key to me getting through every day. I always allow time for everything to happen in my day, including relaxation, work, activity, and cooking. Being an independent artist and having more of a say over my day, it’s easy for me to say ‘No.’ You have to make time for rest and relaxation. Health comes first! I start my days with meditation and tea, and end my days with relaxation and rest. Work and all the fun fall in-between.

During quarantine, what are ways you stayed active?

Well, quarantine started on my birthday, so my perspective of quarantine was very interesting. I took this new year of change to really attack things I talked about doing, but never did. I hiked and took a walk daily with my partner and dog to get fresh air, as well as a workout. I love helping others meet their goals, so I hosted a 15-20 minute ab workout on IG Live Tuesdays through Thursdays for the first three months of quarantine. I started my journey into becoming a group fitness instructor. I love helping others get to their goals and I love achieving mine, so I began focusing on the best of both worlds.

What are other things that have helped you get through quarantine?

Quality time with my partner has been the best during this time. I have also taken the time to focus more on my company, I Am Bounce, LLC, growing my clientele, and really diving into living out my true purpose and WHY in the world. I have really enjoyed starting my plant family, traveling, and enjoying staycations. Receiving some of the best jobs of a lifetime have come during this time.


Matcha or Coffee

Fall or  Summer

World Traveler or Backyard Explorer

Gilmore Girls or Friends

Early Bird or Night Owl — Definitely both

Tacos + Guac or Burgers + Fries — Tacos + Guac all day! 


This fun dance workout and feature was contributed exclusively to Ellie by Bounce, a multi-hyphenate artist hailing from Dallas, Texas. She trained with Debbie Allen at the ripe age of six, and later under Alvin Ailey’s program and Joffrey Ballet School. She’s worked with the likes of Mary. J. Blige, Megan Trainor, Will.I.Am, KashDoll, Hallmark Channel, Apple Inc., Cherry Boom Boom: American Woman, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. She founded her company, I Am Bounce, LLC, in 2018 with a focus on mentoring the next generation and preparing them for a successful career as a performer. When she’s not dancing, you can catch her on her podcast "The BZY-B Wine Down", talking about all of her favorite things — dance, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and travel!


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