Back to Basics | Lower Back Flow with Recie Munson

Back to Basics | Lower Back Flow with Recie Munson


Recie is wearing our April look, Royal Flush.

Have you ever dealt with nagging discomfort or pain in your back? Plugging away at your computer all day, bad posture, and even a predisposition to back pain can all be contributing factors. Recie Munson, a vinyasa, restorative, and kids yoga instructor, knows just the thing to help you manage it. Before we get into her yoga flow for your lower back, we asked her some questions about her fitness and how she stays balanced.

What is your favorite workout move?

My favorite fitness workout is boxing! I don’t have a specific favorite move.

How has fitness impacted your life?

The mind-body connection has been a game-changer for me. I believe mindfulness has been more impactful than the actual physical-fitness regimen. Connecting and healing my psyche has been the driving force of every other entity of healing, including physical and emotional.

How do you stay balanced?

Learning and implementing prioritizing and loving myself first. I also stay balanced by traveling, doing yoga, meditation, taking all my vacation time, taking breaks when needed, and saying no to my non-negotiables.

How did you stay active during quarantine?

It has waxed and waned, honestly. I’ve been more into restorative yoga and light vinyasa flows. 

What has helped you get through?

Definitely my support system of family, friends, and my partner. Also, knowing that this will only be temporary was very soothing.


  1. Matcha or Coffee - I’m a  MATCHA girl
  2. Yoga or Pilates -  YOGA
  3. Fall or Summer -  SUMMER
  4. World Traveler or Backyard Explorer -  WORLD TRAVELER
  5. Gilmore Girls or Friends -  Neither...LIVING SINGLE!
  6. Early bird or Night Owl -  NIGHT OWL
  7. Tacos + Guac or Burgers + Fries -  TACOS 


  • Hold each standing pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Hold seated/laying poses for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Repeat flow 3-5 times, flowing and syncing from your breath.

🎵: "Skate" by Jeff Kale

This yoga practice and focus on the lower back was contributed exclusively to Ellie by Recie Munson, RN, BSN, CCRN, RYT-200, who is a vinyasa, restorative, and kids yoga instructor. She applies clinical knowledge to safely guide all bodies through energetic, empowering, and healing classes. Recie began seeking different avenues towards holistic wellbeing — mental, emotional and physical — beyond western medicine, and began practicing yoga nine years ago. Recie is passionate about introducing mindfulness techniques and products for inner healing to all. Now, she leads group and private yoga classes, as well as international and domestic retreats, wellness workshops, and other various philanthropic projects are in the works. Recie is combining her various expertises toward her budding travel and wellness company, Kulture Connection, LLC. Instagram:  @walkwithree Facebook:  @walk.with.ree Website: YouTube:  Walk With Ree