Dancercise! | 4 Dance Workouts You'll Want to Try

Dancercise! | 4 Dance Workouts You'll Want to Try

Fun AND effective workouts? Sign us up! Sometimes all you need is a little motivation to get your workouts happening, and sometimes that means it’s time to switch up your routine and get creative with your choice of fitness activities. When we thought about a fun activity, we thought about dancing! Who doesn’t love a good dance party? We’re breaking down four types of dancing so you can have fun while moving your body! 


Inspired by movements found in ballet, Barre is one of the more popular low-impact dance exercises. But, don’t let the “low” in low-impact fool you! The movements are intense, giving you a unique workout that, with repetitive squats, stretches, and other focused movements, improves your flexibility and strength, and does wonders for your arms, legs, glutes, and core.


If moving to the beat is your thing, it’s time to give Zumba a try! Created a little over two decades ago, Zumba is a fun, Latin-inspired form of dance fitness. Getting your body moving while dancing to your favorite songs is a win-win fitness situation. A great workout for cardio, stamina, and coordination, this exercise is also great for full-body toning, managing stress (because we can definitely all use that!), and keeping you in line with your weight management (and loss) goals. You know what else Zumba provokes? A smile on your face!

Belly dancing

With origins in Egypt, belly dancing is known for its punctuated movements, shimmies, and fluid gestures. Aside from putting you in a good mood — much like Zumba, or any of the other heart-pumping dance workouts —  belly dancing works on toning your core, but also other parts of your body. You’ll be constantly moving your arms, but imagine how much engagement you’ll feel in your midsection, and even your hips! 


Put on your dancing shoes! Salsa has Afro-Caribbean roots in Cuba, dating back to the early 1900s, and the masses haven’t stopped hitting the floor ever since! Since most of the movements take place in the lower body, you’ll feel the fire in your legs, hips, and glutes. Now, the only thing to narrow down is what your playlist will be!