Mind, Body, & Flow | Yoga with Jen Bell

Mind, Body, & Flow | Yoga with Jen Bell

Jen is wearing our April look, Royal Flush.

Staying centered can be a challenge, especially when you have a zillion things on your to-do list. Carving out time to quiet your mind, slow down your body, and still your soul is important, and we’ve teamed up with yoga therapist and teacher Jen Bell to give us some practical ways to take care of ourselves. 


What is your favorite workout move?

Squats! We spend all day, every day, walking around on our legs. Having proper leg strength can help with activities of daily living that we will use throughout our lives. Squats are a great way to work all the large muscles of the legs and hips, and with a few variations you can work out most of the smaller muscles, too.

How has fitness impacted your life?

Fitness has been an integral part of my life since I was a young kid. Being involved from such a young age has helped me keep it fun as an adult. As a bonus, I’ve learned to use fitness to help me relieve stress and keep my mental health balanced.

How do you stay balanced?

Keeping myself balanced has been learning to say “no.” I love to say “yes” and fill up my plate but learning to step back and schedule time for myself and my family has been really helpful. I strive for two family vacations per year to give us time to unwind and reconnect.

How did you stay active during quarantine? What has helped you get through?

Instagram yoga challenges have been keeping me extremely active. I started as a participant and have since moved on to hosting. On top of themed challenges, I host a daily inversion accountability challenge, and that gives me a reason, every day, to step on my mat.




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This yoga practice was contributed exclusively to Ellie by yoga therapist and teacher Jen Bell. She is a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, wife, and mother of twin boys. She’s a co-founder of @theorchidexperience, mind-body support for your infertility journey, and @PTSYogaAcademy, a Yoga Teacher Training for the military lifestyle. When she’s not doing all the yoga things, you can find her wandering the planet and eating great food with her family. Instagram: @jenbellyoga