Energy in Motion | Yoga with Brittney Rybacki

Energy in Motion | Yoga with Brittney Rybacki

Fitness plays a large part in influencing how we feel each and every day. Whether you like to go hard and turn the intensity up in your workouts, or focus on mind, body, and soul in a more low-impact, breath-centered yoga practice, staying in movement is important. Yogi and yoga teacher Brittney Rybacki is sharing a yoga flow that not only works to center your mind and body, it also helps you breathe. We could all use a reminder to breathe deeper, especially with busy schedules. Before we dive into her breathing exercises, we had the chance to ask her a few questions!


Brittney is wearing our March look, Head in the Clouds.


What is your favorite thing to do during your workout? 

Breathe! Taking the time to collect and connect with my breath makes the biggest difference in my workouts. 

How does fitness impact your life?

Fitness is a huge part of my life, it’s something I do for fun and what I turn to, when I don’t feel well, to help me heal. 

How do you stay balanced?

I make sure I am always doing something that brings joy to my day.

How do you stay active during quarantine? What has helped you get through?

I love to get outside and breathe fresh air! I recently discovered that I am extremely sensitive to environmental toxins, this caused major health problems in my life since we found toxins (mold) IN OUR HOME! The number one remedy was to remove ourselves from the home, as well as leave behind anything that had ever been in that home. Needless to say, it has been a huge change and a lot to process. As a yoga teacher of five years, I know that yoga not only helps me feel better, but is also a healing tool that has been everything to me during this time. 



Matcha or Coffee

Yoga or Pilates

Fall or Summer

World Traveler or Backyard Explorer

Gilmore Girls or Friends

Early Bird or Night Owl

 Tacos + Guac or Burgers + Fries

(That was really hard for me 😂) 


This yoga practice and focus on energy was contributed exclusively to Ellie by yoga teacher Brittney Rybacki. Instagram: @yogawithbrittney