Travel Bug

Travel Bug

Let’s get a way to get-away! Read some tried-and-true tips from Ellie community member, Chelsea, on how to keep working towards your fitness goals while being on the road. And trust us, our source checks out—she’s a food and travel journalist and blogger!

 blogger and Ellie community member, Chelsea, wearing Ellie outfit Into the Wind

Chelsea is wearing Ellie March outfit, Into the Wind.

How do you keep a routine while traveling?
It’s always tough to maintain balance and have a routine while traveling. I try to remind myself that not being able to stick to your routine when on-the-road is totally understandable and not to beat yourself up over it! That said, something that helps me do so is alarms and pre-planning what my days are going to look like so I make sure to make time for what’s most important.

Where is your favorite place you have been?
Tokyo, Japan was one of the most interesting and fun places I’ve been to. The culture, food, tradition and beauty of Japan as a country is second to none.

How do you manage to stay active while traveling?
I try to walk as much as I can -- in addition to keeping you moving, it’s one of the best ways to explore most places!

How do you incorporate balance into your life?
As a food and travel journalist who’s also a blogger, content creator and a part-time social media manager, I’m who’s always on the go. Balance is tough. That said, I try to always give myself at least half an hour in the morning to meditate, pray, take deep breaths and emotionally get ready for my day which helps me start the day off right. Oh and coffee. Every morning I start it with

How often do you travel?
I travel for both work and for fun. When it comes to traveling for work on assignments for places like Forbes, Business Insider or TravelPulse, I probably am traveling a little less than half the month on average. Before the pandemic it was closer to three or so weeks on the road each month! And when it comes to just for-fun trips, I usually try to fit in a midweek getaway every month or two.

Where did your love for traveling begin?
I’ve loved traveling for as long as I can remember! From ages 10-18 years old, I would travel the country competing in tennis tournaments. During my time spent traveling from one state to another, I started to develop my love of exploring destinations through how the locals live—particularly through the food scene. We were always eating the best food!

Is there one thing you always try to do while you travel?
If it’s outside the United States, I’ll always try to explore a grocery store or food marketplace! If it’s in the country, I’ll always try to do one or two hyper local things.

Early bird or night owl
Cardio or weight-lifting
Sweet or Savory
Matcha or Coffee
Fall or Summer
World Traveler or Homebody
Friends or The Office

Beat that jet-lagged feeling and get more tips and inspo for all things travel! You can find Chelsea on Instagram and Facebook @cheycheyfromthebay, on Twitter, read her blog here, or even find her on LinkedIn!