Love for Leg Day

Love for Leg Day

Join our Ellie community member, Joana, as she takes us through a functional training workout with a focus on—you guessed it—legs! (And hey, we heard that rocking your Ellie co-ords will definitely give you a boost of motivation!)

Ellie community member, Joana wearing Ellie February 2022 outfit, Making WavesJoana is wearing February 2022 outfit, Making Waves.

This weight-lifting aficionado started their journey in January 2019. Joana's regimen consists of morning workouts 4-5 times per week, and each week day hones in on a different muscle group! while she switches up her workouts every 4-5 weeks, here's her general breakdown (take notes for inspo!):

Mondays: legs
Tuesdays: back and biceps
Wednesdays: yoga or rest day
Thursdays: legs (glute focused)
Fridays: chest, shoulders, and biceps

Whether you're just starting to work out, getting back into working out, or are already getting after it, Joana has one main piece of advice: Motivated or not, just keep doing it! 💪💪



Early bird or night owl 
Cardio or weight-lifting
Sweet or Savory
Matcha or Coffee
Fall or Summer
World Traveler or Homebody
Friends or The Office

Ready to work it out? Here's the breakdown for this leg-focused, functional training workout with Joana!

1. Lunges with 10-lb dumbbells on each side 
2. Sand bag squats 
3. Bosu squats
4. Swiss ball leg curl
5. Jump squat
6. Swing kettlebell squat
7. Isometric squat hold
8. Walking lunges with 10-lb dumbbells on each side
Want more? You can find Joana on Instagram at @joanasamples.