The ABCs of Getting ZZZs

The ABCs of Getting ZZZs

Get a little nighttime routine inspo Ellie community member, Allie, who shares her tips and non-negotiables for winding down for the day. You’ll love how setting a routine and getting great sleep makes a difference!

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What does your nighttime routine consist of?
  • Skincare. I always make sure to cleanse and moisturize my skin before bed! My current favorite products are CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, and The Route Beauty Everything Night Multi-tasker.
  • Gratitude list. I write at least 3 things I am grateful for down in my journal before bed. I find that going to sleep with gratitude at the forefront of my mind is extremely beneficial for getting deeper sleep and releasing any stresses from the day.
  • Wind-Down Yoga Flow. I love getting my body into a relaxed state by doing a mini yoga flow that includes child's pose, happy baby pose, legs up on the wall, and whatever stretches my body is craving that day. I also light a candle and put on some calming music or a nighttime meditation to really set a serene atmosphere!
What is one non-negotiable that is part of your routine?
Skincare! No matter how late it is or how busy I am, I always make sure to cleanse and moisturize my face before sleeping.
Is your routine consistent or does it change?
No day is the same and I am always on the go, so I try not to be too rigid with my routine. Flexibility is key for my lifestyle! At the end of each day I will ask myself what I really need to get my best sleep and then I will do that. Some days my routine is an hour and other days it is 10 minutes.

How did you build your nighttime routine?
I wanted to create a routine that felt natural and easy to me. I didn’t want a routine that I would be stressed about doing or making sure that I did it “perfectly” every night. The main thing I wanted to accomplish with creating my nighttime routine was to have it consist of things that bring me calming energy, so I focused on those key things and built them into my basic routine!

Do you incorporate working out in your nighttime routine?
I typically don’t do full workouts in the evening, but I LOVE doing a mini wind-down yoga sequence! I find that it eases my body into “chill” mode and I am much more comfortable when I do lay down to fall asleep.
Does your nighttime routine change on weekends?
On the weekends I am a little more lax with my routine. If I go to a friend's house and I get home super late, I will shorten it a bit or just focus on what feels good in the moment to me.
What advice would you give someone who is trying to build their own nighttime routine?
Ask yourself: What helps me get the best sleep? Is it a meditation? Journaling a few pages? Watching your favorite TV show? Once you have it narrowed down, find a way to make it flow and not feel forced. You want your nighttime routine to be true to YOU and make you feel good before you head to bed!

Early bird  or night owl
Cardio or  weight-lifting
Sweet  or Savory
Matcha or  Coffee
Fall or  Summer
World Traveler  or Homebody
Friends or The Office  I can’t possibly choose! Both are always on repeat in my

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