Morning Routine with Isabella

Morning Routine with Isabella

Priorities! We met with Isabella, a college student majoring in Fashion Merchandising, to chat about making health and fitness an importance - no matter how busy life can get. 

Isabella is wearing Ellie outfit, Groovy Gal.

What does your typical day consist of?

I am a full time college student, so my typical day consists of going to campus for 1-2 classes a day! I am a Fashion Merchandising major so my classes are pretty interesting and creative. I usually workout in the mornings, and do cycling classes once a week! I am also a member of a sorority so I eat my meals at the sorority house with my friends. If I have free time in my day, I usually spend it with my friends!

What time does your typical day start?
I like to get early starts on my day, so I am typically awake by 7 AM! I enjoy working out in the morning and journaling, so I need to block out enough time before class to do that.

What are your non-negotiables every day?
My number 1 non-negotiable is eating breakfast. I cannot get through my day without a good breakfast! I also like to drink my greens and workout, but I give myself grace if I miss a day.

Does your day to day change or do most days stay the same?
My days during the week are very different based on my class schedule and various meetings that I may have. My weekly schedule is the same! For example, every Tuesday I have my chapter meeting for my sorority.

Is there something you do every day for yourself?
I like to take bubble baths at night. It is very relaxing and a great way to end my day!

Do you have a consistent morning/nighttime routine? And if so, what does it consist of?
My morning routine starts with drinking my greens and journaling! After this, I make my bed and go workout. After my workout, I will come home, shower, and make breakfast. I head to class after this! My nights look different depending on the day. Usually I eat dinner and take a bath. After this I will get in bed and either read or watch TikTok videos. My goal is to make a more structured night routine!


Early bird
or night owl
Cardio or weight-lifting
Sweet or Savory
Matcha or Coffee
Fall or Summer
World Traveler or Homebody
Friends or The Office


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