HIIT It! Patio Workout with Coach Gaby

HIIT It! Patio Workout with Coach Gaby

For many of us staying in more and doing the WFH thing, an at-home workout is where it’s at. Ellie community member and former pro tennis player Gaby Paz is serving us an ace HIIT routine we can all do from the comfort of our own patios.

Now a full-time coach, Gaby has been playing tennis for 24 years (since she was 6!) and credits off-court HIIT workouts for helping her game. “I find that I’m lighter on my feet and I feel much more energetic…Whether it’s 15-20 minutes, it makes a huge difference in my days.”

A HIIT session (high intensity interval training) consists of short bouts of super intense exercise, with periods of rest or active recovery in between. “I love doing high-intensity workouts that work a lot of my muscles at the same time. That way I’m doing cardio and getting stronger.”

Even as someone who’s been an athlete most of her life, Gaby knows what it’s like to get off-track. “Just do routines or exercises you like to keep it fun. I like mixing up my routines every day to keep it interesting.” And what advice would she give someone who’s just beginning their workout journey?


You heard her. The ball’s in your court.

For Gaby’s patio workout, all you need is a kettlebell or other handheld weight and a sturdy, elevated surface. Plus a little room to work, of course. The routine includes three exercises, and you’ll do four sets:

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