Transform with Kiana Alexis

Transform with Kiana Alexis

January is all about getting Fit and Fierce! We got the opportunity to shoot with Kiana Alexis for the January collection and we've never been so inspired! 

Kiana Alexis is a model and fitness junky that has overcome and transformed herself into the successful woman she is today. While shooting for the collection she shared with us her powerful transformation story and she is letting us share it with you!

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Q: Can you tell us about your story?

A: Growing up I was going through what the “normal” girl was going through, like hormonal changes. But I was also dealing with family changes on top of that. I experienced domestic violence and was sexually assaulted when I was younger. It got to the point where I was taken away from my mom. I developed self esteem issues and became depressed. And no one knew what I was going through. But then when I was 19 years old I found self love. I said to myself “the love that you are giving to everyone else, you should be giving to yourself.” In that moment, I found self love and self respect and began my journey.

Q: When did you find fitness?

A: When I found love for myself. For me it is not just about health and fitness. Religion has played a huge role in my journey. My body is a temple and I want to treat it like one.

Q: How has fitness transformed your life?

A: It has made me become a health and fitness coach.

Q: What do you hope other women take away after hearing your story?

A: I want women to be strong. Not just physically, but also mentally strong.

Q: What advice would you give women who might not view themselves as strong?

A: I would tell them to remember that just as much as you need someone else, someone else also needs you. You have worth and are strong enough to go on your journey.

Q: When do you feel the FIERCEST?

A: Ha! Fierce is my middle name. I always, always, always feel fierce. My friends even call me Kiyonce!

Q: What is one thing that you make sure to do everyday?

A: I make sure to wake up everyday and give thanks to god. I also make sure to give myself a treat!

Q: What is your favorite treat?

A:  Vegan Brownies!

Q: Best tip to make something into a habit?

A: I like to say consistency, determination, and balance. Keep on practicing what you want and really do it, but also have a balance.


Big thanks to @mskianaalexis for allowing us to share her story!