How to Live an Active Lifestyle With Samantha Neyland

How to Live an Active Lifestyle With Samantha Neyland

We want 2018 to be about living an active lifestyle and feeling your absolute FIERCEST! Make 2018 be the year you get moving! 

Actress, model, and fitness extraordinaire, Samantha Neyland, modeled for the Ellie January collection.  

 Samantha Neyland rocking the January Ellie Activewear outfit


Team Ellie had the chance to interview Samantha and she gave us the inside scoop on how she manages to make sure to live an active lifestyle with her busy schedule!

Q: What is your biggest motivation?

A: My biggest motivator is knowing that everything I want in life is on the other side of a challenge. I relate the discipline of working out to the discipline I have in everything else. In a way it's almost training myself to be dependable and have integrity. Also, I come from an annoyingly athletic family that holds surprise ab competitions so I need to be ready at all times.

Q: What are your struggles?

A: Sometimes I just don't want to. Let's be honest, there's a million and one excuses to not workout and some of them are very valid!

Q: How do you overcome your struggles?

A: This goes back to number 1 - because I know everything I want is on the other side of a challenge I ask myself "Would you do it for $20,000?" Would I get off the couch for $20,000? Would I do two more pushups for $20,000? It might not make sense to other people but to me it means: Would you suck it up and do it for something you really wanted? Skipping one workout or skipping the last two pushups are never going to directly impact my life but if not following through becomes a habit it will absolutely impact my life. Discipline starts with the little things and I never want to worry about whether or not I'll have discipline at a time when it really matters.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: It has to be fun. I spend so much of my time working out and being active because it's fun. Whether it's a spin class with good music, a barre class with a funny teacher, or weightlifting to 2 Chainz (Big fan of 2 Chainz) I workout really hard and very often but I do it because I've learned to love it.

Q: How do you juggle fitness with all your different projects? 

A: I look at fitness as part of my other projects. It's part of my job as an actor and a model to stay in shape and be the best version of myself at all times. It's not as torturous as it sounds, if anything, it helps me keep up the energy to get a days work done on time and with a smile

Q: Favorite power move?

A: The Wonder Woman. Obviously.

Q: When do you feel FIERCE?

A: I used to show up to the gym in basically pajamas because I said it didn't matter what I wore as long as I was in the gym working. To a certain extent I still believe that but now that I have so many cute workout outfits from Ellie I show up to the gym looking and feeling like I belong there. Then all it takes is good music coming through my headphones and I'm suddenly as fierce as Beyonce.

Q: What is one piece of advice that you would give someone who wants to start living a more active life?

A: My best advice to anyone who wants to start being more active is simply that: start being more active! There's no magic secret. Different things work for different people so find your thing and go with it. Start slow so it becomes a habit, not a fad, and make it enjoyable!


Huge thanks to @samanthaneyland!!