How to (Socially) Distance Yourself

How to (Socially) Distance Yourself

Social Distancing

What a sensitive and curious time we’re in. We have been swiftly and abruptly thrusted into a new normal — one spearheaded by the Coronavirus pandemic. While the nation, and the world, adjusts to this (temporary) new way of life that includes a heightened sense of hygiene, we’ve been instructed to take part in a way of life that is designed to eliminate the virus, and its threat to people all around the globe. Our new way of life includes what we quickly and widely now know as social distancing (the total opposite of what our daily lives include — social interactions).  Measures are in place to make sure we know how to wash our hands properly, sanitize, protect the elderly and other vulnerable people in our communities, and everything in-between. It’s important and necessary that we practice social distancing and quarantine right now, while we figure this out and decrease the spread of COVID-19. On the bright side (and we really could use some uplifting news at this time!), we’re here to give you tips on how you can make these long stretches of time alone, or in isolation with friends or loved ones, more productive, meaningful, and even fun! 


Here are some things you can do to make the long days go by quicker:


  1. Home and virtual workouts: Working’s what we do. With virtual workouts available online and with mobile apps, you may also think about improvising and creating a makeshift home gym with materials you have, right around your home! For instance, instead of weights (you may not own them!), why not try lifting books or cans of paint? Don’t have any books or cans of paint? You can use anything, really (maybe not the puppy), including your own body! Instead of working your biceps by lifting, get on the floor and do sets of push-ups. Yoga stretches and flows are also a great idea when it comes to getting in a solid workout for your core and other muscles.
  2. Spend quality time with loved ones: With less to zero commuting time, you have more time to devote to family and friends, even in isolation. If you live with others, take the time to put away your gadgets and really connect with one another. This is the perfect time to get to know the people around you on a deeper, more meaningful level. If you live alone, reach out to loved ones on the phone, video calls, or any other way you can maintain your social connections,, albeit six feet apart. Use tech to your advantage, creating group video calls where you and your social circle can play games, laugh, and get through it all, together. If you live with others, take the time to put away your gadgets and really connect, connect, connect!
  3. Virtual tours: From Los Angeles to Detroit, and more cities across the nation, USA Today has outlined a list of museums you can visit from the comfort of your home (and pajamas!). Whether you’re working from home, finished for the day, or on a break, pull up the links to some of the most beautiful art and history our country has to offer. We did a little extra research and found that Travel & Leisure is taking us through some of the most awe-inspiring and historical archives at museums overseas, including The Palace of Versailles in France!
  4. Read and educate yourself: You know that pile of books you’ve put aside for too long? Now is the time to tackle it! Read about topics that interest you or take an online course. You'll be able to focus on bettering your knowledge without the distraction of a busy schedule. What about the guitar in the corner of the room that’s collecting dust? You can hop online and finally learn to play it with a video tutorial! And the language you’ve always wanted to learn to speak and write? There are ways to make that happen, as well! With free tutorials online (or friends who speak the language), it’s all within reach. Download the (free!) Duolingo app and you’ll be well on your way to perfecting your additional language of choice!
  5. Cook: With more time at home on your hands, now is the absolute perfect moment to spend parts of your days in the kitchen! You get to cook and bake your favorite dishes and dessert masterpieces, and even create some new culinary creations of your own! From comfort foods (perfect right now!) to healthy plates, there are so many options you can try, whether you’re planning to try new recipes out, or meal-prepping easy meals for near-future use . Comb the ‘net and social media for inspo— the foodie world is your oyster! 


Imagine how much we can flip a challenging time and situation into a positive outcome. Every tip outlined above is an opportunity for growth, self-awareness, deepening relationships (friends and loved ones), and coming out on the other side refreshed, renewed, and with a strength unparalleled! Wishing you all good health and please stay safe!