Build-a-Booty | Booty Band Workout with Kristen Louelle

Posted on October 22, 2020

Leg day? Check. Arms? Done. Glutes? Let’s go! We think any workout should be a good time, and we’re sharing model Kristen Louelle’s video booty band workout with you! With a gorgeous beach backdrop and equipped with some power moves, she brings you a routine that’s sure to get you toned and strong! It’s a low-impact workout featuring jump squats, side steps, step backs, fire hydrants, and clamshells — all you have to do is get out there and work it!

In Her Own Words

Let's go ladies!

Being a mom of two crazy boys comes with its challenges, but I make sure to make myself and my fitness a priority. Whether I'm traveling for work or stuck at home in quarantine, this is my favorite go-to workout. All you need is a resistance band and, of course, a set that makes you feel confident in your own skin!