Plant Mom Alert! | 5 Best Indoor Houseplants

Plant Mom Alert! | 5 Best Indoor Houseplants

This year, we’ve spent plenty of time indoors getting to know ourselves, our kitchens (cheers to new recipes!), and we’ve even moved things around in an attempt to tap into our inner interior decorators! Another thing we’ve been seeing, that’s been taking over social media, is the uptick in plant moms. It seems like the thing, these days, is to earn your green thumb, and we’re giving you a rundown on some of the plants you’ll want to parent. From cleaner air to consistent companions, we’re telling you what their benefits are in the home!

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a popular one — you’ve probably seen them on the ‘gram, or even in your own living room! Never paid attention to the way in which they help you, aside from the beauty they bring? Well, fun fact, snake plants are native to the tropics of West Africa. While toxic to a cat or dog, they’re one of the best plants to keep in your home, if you’re concerned about the quality of your air. With the absorption of large amounts of carbon dioxide, it also releases a good amount of oxygen, while sweeping the air of toxins. Watering is fine once a week, and be reminded that this low-maintenance plant can survive well in low light, if that’s all that’s available.

Monstera Deliciosa

The monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is a popular choice, when it comes to becoming a plant mom (and it’s safe around your pets). All over the ‘gram, this plant is aesthetically attractive, and we even see its leaves used on the trendiest of fashion pieces. Another low-maintenance choice (we’re okay with that!), this plant can be watered every week or two, is a great natural humidifier, and doesn’t require a lot of light.


One of the cool things about the pothos plant is that it can be grown in water or soil. Mainly a personal preference, you might want to stick to whichever you start with. A pothos plant that’s planted in soil will not do well if switched to a water base, and vice versa. The plant doesn’t do well with your pets, but it is known to help eliminate odors in the air.

Spider Plant

The spider plant gets its name from the pieces of the plant that dangle from the mother plant, making it look like a bunch of spiders! This plant is fun to hang up in a basket in the corner of the room, or on a high shelf, as the leaves are thin and long. They’re seasonal in their need for water, craving plenty when it’s warm, and less during the winter months. Don’t keep these ones in direct sunlight — they will thrive and grow pretty fast, and along with helping to keep the air clean, they help decrease stress and they’re not toxic for your cat or dog!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants are wonderful for your home space. One of the suggestions, when it comes to this plant, is to keep one in your bedroom. Because they are known to release oxygen at nighttime, while taking in CO2, it’s the perfect symbiotic relationship for us, creating a clean-air space for us to breathe at night, while also giving the plant what it needs to survive. Not only do they fall into the theme of helping to purify the air around you, they have other properties that can help you, especially in a time when we’re in the kitchen much more often! Have you ever burned (or cut) yourself while creating a masterpiece dish? The gel inside of aloe plants contain compounds that are known to have natural healing effects for pain and inflammation. Be careful if you have pets, though. This one is toxic for cats and dogs!

When it comes to being a plant mom, there are certain things to pay close attention to, like type, pet interactions, fragility, as well as other things, like frequency or infrequency of watering, light requirements, etc. With so many types to choose from, there really isn’t any reason you can’t fill your home with the plant “children” that are compatible with you and your lifestyle. So many choices, so little, er, much time!