Why the Ab Roller is So Good

Why the Ab Roller is So Good

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the onslaught of workout tools on the market… which is why the Ellie team tests and re-tests products before selecting what’s worthy of sharing with you. And this month’s 5-piece box features one of our very favorites: The Ab Roller.

ab roller

At first glance, the Ab Roller seems like a one-trick pony. Far from it! By making just a few effective adjustments, you can sculpt your entire mid-section to your ab’s desire.

Here are a few moves to try:


Kneel with the roller in front of you. Use a pad under your knees if desired. Inhale and slowly roll your body forward with your arms as far as is comfortable, without arching your back. Exhale as you slowly roll back toward your knees. Repeat 10 times.


Once you’ve gotten comfortable doing multiple repetitions, take your workout up a notch. Prepare to get into a plank position. Start on your knees with the wheel centered where your shoulders will be. Instead of planking with your hands on the ground, place your right hand on the right wheel handle, and your left on the left wheel handle. Straighten your knees off the ground, raise your heels and balance on your toes. Hold 30-60 seconds.


Ready for total badassery? Get into the plank position on the wheel. Slowly roll forward and back in short movements. As you feel stronger, elongate your rolls. Keep your back in a straight line. Repeat 10 times.


Mastered the Plank+? Baller! Now try working your obliques (the sides of your mid-section). Instead of rolling your body forward from the plank position, turn the wheel left and roll in that direction. Roll back to center. Then do the right side. Alternate the exercise on each side, 5-10 times. 


  • Place a pad or matt under your knees
  • Keep your head down in a neutral position, or chin slightly tucked
  • Roll slowly, up and back
  • Do not arch your back. Keep it straight or slightly rounded.
  • Hold abs tight
  • Try rolling with your feet together as well as separated in a wide stance for different muscle targets
The ab roller is included in the December 5-item Ellie box. Check it out today!