Jump Rope Grows Up - The 5-Minute Workout!

Jump Rope Grows Up - The 5-Minute Workout!

So it turns out you were on to something as a kid. Jumping rope is not only super fun, but it’s actually good exercise. Wanna get your heart rate up? Grab a rope and get ready for a quick full-body workout that you can do anywhere!

Each of the below names is somewhat explanatory, but the video shows exactly how to do each jump. Do each one for 60 seconds and you’ll have completed an awesome 5-minute workout!

The Jumps

  1. Standard Jump
  2. One Legged Jump       (4-5 jumps on one foot, then switch sides and repeat)
  3. Side Straddle Jump     (both legs side to side)
  4. High Knee Jump          (both knees up)
  5. Double High Jump       (try rotating the rope twice while you jump as high as you can)

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