Who Wants S'more! | S'Mores Recipe

Who Wants S'more! | S'Mores Recipe


Just in time for National S’mores Day, we’re sharing a simple recipe you’re not going to want to lose! When there’s no campfire in sight, and you’re spending much of your days inside at home, why not improvise and make one of your fave snacks, right in your kitchen? Whether you are a single-layer kind of person, or enjoy multiples, there’s always time for this sweet treat! So, head over to the oven and make s’more!

These easy ingredients make for a combination of flavors your mouth will thank you for!


Graham crackers


Chocolate of choice, preferably that can be broken into squares (Hershey’s is popular)

Oven directions:

  1. Preheat oven, set to broil.
  2. Break graham crackers in half and place on baking sheet, spaced out enough to allow the gooey marshmallow goodness (next steps!) to spill over the sides.
  3. Place chocolate squares on each graham cracker half.
  4. Next, place a marshmallow on each graham cracker-chocolate piece.
  5. Put the baking sheet on the middle rack, and broil for about 30 seconds, watching for a golden brown coloring to the marshmallow.
  6. Remove from oven, immediately flipping each open-face s’more onto the other half of the graham cracker. 
  7. Indulge!