Lemon-Garlic Veggie Kabob - A Summer Staple

Posted on July 10, 2018

Not too many things go together better than summer and grilling.

Which is why it is perfect timing for this Lemon-Garlic Veggie Kabob recipe. Packed with tons of flavor, these kabobs are perfect as a healthy side dish for those wonderful summer BBQs; or go bold and make them the star!

The best veggie kabob


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lemon
  • Garlic Cloves (or Minced Garlic)
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Yellow Bell Peppers
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • White Onion
  • Wooden Skewers

Step 1: Mix grilling sauce and set aside.

  • 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • Juice from half a lemon
  • Finely chopped garlic (or minced)

Step 2: Cut veggies into large chunks.

Step 3: Thread veggies onto 4 kabobs. Alternating items.

  • (Note: wooden skewers may need to be soaked prior to using).

Step 4: Heat grill to medium-high heat.

Step 5: Brush the kabobs with lemon-garlic sauce.

Step 6: Lightly oil grill grates and place kabobs on grill.

Step 7: Cook over medium-high heat until kabobs are cooked to your liking.

Step 8: Remove kabobs and enjoy!

 The best veggie kabob recipe

Kid tested. Vegetarian approved.