The Skin You're In | DIY Face Mask

The Skin You're In | DIY Face Mask

From getting enough sleep to washing your face (even if you haven’t worn makeup in months), making sure you keep a routine of caring for yourself — mind, body, and soul — is important now, maybe more than ever! So, before you’re tempted to push your skincare to the lowest task on your priority list, we’re giving you some tips on how to make sure you take care of your skin, even on the days you’d rather not. 

Stay hydrated: When it comes to your skin, it’s important to stay hydrated and nourish your skin from the inside out. Drinking water not only benefits your joints, is a detox for your system, and helps to keep your temperature normal, it keeps your skin looking and feeling its best. Before we had more concentrated time at home, it was easy to come up with excuses when it came to why you weren’t drinking enough water each day. Now that we have had more time to slow down and focus on our health and wellbeing, it’s easier to focus on making hydration a part of your daily schedule. 

Eat healthy: It’s not a cliché — you actually are what you eat! It’s easy to want to lean towards junk food, especially when you are at home more often, but now is the best time to maximize your fruits, veggies, and other superfoods! Of course we love to indulge here and there — and we deserve it — but staying away from junk food can help you stave off skin damage — processed foods, refined sugars, certain carbs, and unhealthy fats can result in the aging of your skin. The power in the foods you eat really translates into a healthier glow in your skin (the body’s largest organ). So, make sure to stock up on fresh and frozen produce (freezing extends the shelf life), including blueberries, cucumbers, leafy greens, citrus fruits, as well as — depending on your lifestyle and diet choices — fish with omega-3 fats (like salmon), nuts, avocado, sweet potatoes, and more.

Exercise: Keep your body moving! Whether you’re dancing around your living room, walking the dog, or going for your regular early-morning jog, exercise is an easy way of keeping your skin healthy and less congested. Heart-pumping activities result in enhanced blood flow and oxygenation (delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin, some which aid in collagen production, reducing fatigue and stress in the skin), a healthy glow, and releasing toxins. 

Skin TLC: One thing there certainly isn’t a lack of on social media, is the amount of creative and delicious-looking meals (when will smell-o-vision be a thing?)! We’re learning that (sometimes with the help of a recipe or two) we make a mean *insert dish here*! Well, these recipes aren’t only made for the kitchen — you can apply the same innovation to your skin care, and come up with healthy ingredients (compatible with your skin, easy research), perfect for skin that may not be getting the attention it needs, or even for the skin that needs a little extra boost! We’re sharing a simple recipe for a DIY face mask, with tips for every skin type!

DIY Face Mask Recipe

What you need (and probably already have in your kitchen):

1 cup ground coffee beans | helps get rid of inflammation, fights redness, brightens skin

3 ½ tbsps milk (or almond milk, if avoiding dairy) | using milk helps to calm the skin

1 tbsp 100% honey (or lemon for oily or acne-prone skin) | soothes the skin

1 tbsp lemon (olive or almond oil for dry skin) | brightens the skin

Store any extra in the fridge or share with your household!


Apply in circular motion, so that you get the benefits of the exfoliating scrubbing action. After 20 minutes (enough time to read, watch YouTube videos, or take a quick Savasana!), rinse or wipe the mask off to reveal refreshed, glowing skin!