Morning Moves

Morning Moves

Non-negotiables. We have 'em for tons of things, like when looking at qualities in someone we might want to date, what ingredients you just have to have on a pizza, or kicking off the day with a cup of why shouldn't we have the same for how we start off each day?

We asked Ellie community member, Taylor, to share her morning routine and non-negotiables, and how staying disciplined and sticking to these things helps fuel her daily success. Trust us, Taylor knows a lot about discipline! 

In 2009, Taylor started filming her own YouTube videos about beauty, lifestyle, and her everyday tips. She got a lot of ridicule from her peers (how weird was it that talking to a camera was weird before?) but she forged ahead, allowing herself to create a space for others to show up authentically. Her best advice? "Do not take advice from those you do not wish to trade lives with. You know your purpose, follow it. And if you don't know your purpose yet, allow yourself the time and grace to explore until it clicks. Everything is 'impossible' until it's done."

Taylor Bergman in Ellie outfit, HoneycrispTaylor is wearing Ellie January 2021 outfit, Honeycrisp.

What does your morning routine consist of?

Ideally, I like to start my morning pretty early. I do work full time so I try and make my morning routine reflective of things that will fuel me and make me feel happy, positive and in the right headspace for the day to come. I will start with a cup of coffee out of my new Nespresso (thank you, mom), and will then head to one of the local fitness studios for a workout class. I use ClassPass right now because it works best for my schedule and style of workouts. My workout is followed by breakfast, a shower, my skincare routine and pet cuddles. 

Is there one thing that is a non-negotiable for you every morning?

Spending time with my pets. Even if it's just for a few minutes, I always make sure to set aside time to give my cat Lily, and dog Kobe, hugs and kisses. They truly help me start my morning on the right foot and always give me something to smile and be grateful for.

Does your morning routine stay consistent or do you switch it up?

Routine means consistency for me. I do switch my workout classes out daily depending on what body part I want to focus on or whether or not my body needs extra sleep or rest. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it is needing.

Do you work out in the mornings? And if so, what type of work out do you do?

If I don't work out in the morning, chances are I will not work out after work. And that is something I've realized about myself... I am someone who much prefers to wake up early, accomplish what I need to and not have to think about it. If I need to attend an evening workout class I will, but I do prefer the mental agility working out in the morning provides.

What is your go-to breakfast?

I rotate a few of my quick and easy breakfast favorites throughout the week. I do enjoy your typical eggs breakfast with avocado toast and bacon on days where I have more time... I also quite like a yogurt breakfast parfait or chia seed pudding with fresh fruit on top. Breakfast is A MUST for me, and I choose the meals intuitively based on what my body is asking of me.

What advice would you give someone trying to build a morning routine?

Commit and be disciplined. The reason you are not finding results, is because you are either not being realistic with your time, or you're not committing to the changes you are "hoping" to make. No one wants to get up earlier than they need to—but I find getting up early allows me more time that is mine. Time that I can accomplish tasks dedicated to making me better personally and professionally. Morning routines are not cookie cutter and you do not need to replicate your neighbor's routine. Find what works for you and what makes YOU feel good, and stick with that. Also, as cliché as it is, you are the writer of your story so you can always add, delete, or modify as you go. 




Early bird or night owl
Early Bird to the core. It must be a special night if I'm staying up past 10 pm.

Cardio or weight-lifting 
Weight Lifting. I do think my body responds well to HIIT workouts which is the best of the two.

Sweet or Savory
Sweet. Candy preferably. I like going to Walgreens and picking up the 4 for $4 and having a "candy buffet". Guilty pleasure.

Matcha or Coffee

Fall or Summer
Summer is 365 here in Florida, so it's what I'm used to. But I love every aspect of fall and wish I could experience that season.

World Traveler or Homebody
My mom is a flight attendant and has been for over 36 years. Traveling is in my blood. I love to explore and am always thinking, "Where to next?"

Friends or The Office
Don't hate me... I've really never watched either. I'm going to go on a limb here and say Schitt's Creek. What started out as a show I put on as background noise, ended up being one of those LOL shows for me.


Taylor loves how the Internet has given us a space to connect, so don't be a stranger! You can find her on Instagram and on YouTube.