May the Fourth Be With You: Themed Workout and Snack Ideas

May the Fourth Be With You: Themed Workout and Snack Ideas

May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars fans all over the world are celebrating this iconic day, and what better way to do it than by combining our love for the galaxy far, far away with our passion for health and fitness?

Here is a list of Star Wars themed healthy snacks and workouts that will help you stay on track and still enjoy the day.


  1. Yoda's Guacamole - This is a simple yet tasty snack that is sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Mash up some avocados, add some diced tomatoes, onions, and a squeeze of lime juice, and you have a healthy and delicious snack that is perfect for dipping veggies or pita chips.

  2. Skywalker Smoothie - A refreshing smoothie that is perfect for a post-workout snack or a quick breakfast. Blend together some frozen berries, banana, almond milk, and a scoop of protein powder to create a delicious and healthy smoothie that will keep you feeling full and energized.

  3. Darth Vader's Dark Chocolate - For those with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect snack. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and is known to improve brain function. Just be sure to stick to a small portion size to keep your sugar intake in check.


  1. Jedi Training Circuit - This circuit is designed to challenge your entire body and get your heart rate up. Start with 10 reps of each exercise and work your way up to 3 sets of 20 reps.
  • Lightsaber Swings (use a dumbbell or kettlebell)
  • Jedi Jumps (jump squats)
  • Force Pushups (standard pushups with a clap at the top)
  • Skywalker Lunges (alternating lunges with a twist at the top)
  • Wookiee Rows (use a resistance band or dumbbell to perform a rowing motion)
  1. Star Wars Yoga Flow - This yoga flow is perfect for stretching out your muscles and improving flexibility. Follow along with the video or use the poses as a guide for your own flow.
  • Darth Vader Breathing (deep breaths in and out)
  • Yoda Warrior (warrior 1 pose)
  • R2-D2 Twists (seated spinal twists)
  • Chewbacca Chair (chair pose)
  • Jedi Mindful Meditation (sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breath)
  1. Death Star HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to burn fat and build endurance. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 10-second rest in between. Complete 3 rounds for a total of 9 minutes.
  • Lightsaber Jumping Jacks
  • Stormtrooper Squat Jumps
  • X-Wing Mountain Climbers
  • Tie Fighter Burpees
  • Death Star Plank (plank with alternating leg lifts)

May the Fourth be with you as you try out these Star Wars themed healthy snacks and workouts. Don't forget to take some time to appreciate the amazing storytelling and world-building that George Lucas created. 

So, whether you're a Jedi, Sith, or somewhere in between, let's celebrate this day with a renewed commitment to health and wellness. And, of course, may the Force be with you always.