Journeying through January with Melissa Eckman!

Journeying through January with Melissa Eckman!

2018 is here and it's time to start your January journey! This month we feature yoga and fitness instructor, Melis Eckman

Melis incorporates health and wellness into her daily lifestyle. She is also an entrepreneur, model and writer. We got the chance to work side by side with her as she modeled our January Collection!

Get to know Melis as she shares tips this month on health, yoga, positivity and how to live your happiest life!


Q: When did you find fitness?

A: I worked in corporate finance and accounting for 6 years and always struggled with keeping a consistent fitness routine. I started attending barre classes and got hooked! The manager of the studio asked me if I would want to teach. Since I worked a full-time job I never thought teaching would be an option for me but I loved it so much that I agreed to teach at 6:30am before work and on weekends! By teaching, I unlocked a passion for health & fitness I never knew I had inside of me.  Shortly after I also became really passionate about practicing yoga. Now today I love to have a balance between yoga, barre, HIIT workouts and hiking outside!

Q: When and why did you start incorporating health, wellness, yoga into your life?

A: Working a full-time job I started to notice the negative effect poor eating, lack of time for myself and skipping workouts had on my mind, body, and soul. I knew if I wanted to take care of myself, I had to make some big changes in my life. Eating healthier and taking time for myself made me better in all aspects of my life.

Q: How has yoga transformed your life?

A: Yoga has made me more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Your yoga practice is so unique and non-comparable to anyone else. I learned to be happier with my own journey, more patient with myself and to have a more positive outlook on life.  

Q: What is your number one beauty tip?

A: Take care of your skin! As I get older, it is so important that I keep my skin out of the sun (or protected in the sun), moisturized and looking healthy!

Q: Favorite travel destination?

A: Italy!


Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

A: The Greek Islands.

Q: Favorite junk food?

A: Sour Patch Kids or Nutella!

Q: Favorite healthy snack?

A: Tomatoes with olive oil.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I find inspiration in connecting with like-minded people - I absolutely love learning about people’s life journey. Being outside is also a big source of inspiration for me; I love going on sunset hikes and exploring new places.

Q: Three tips to start living a healthy lifestyle?

A:  1. Any day is a good day to start living a healthy life. Don’t wait for a new year, a new month or a big life event. Start because it is the right time for you.

2. Get on a consistent schedule: Go to bed every night at the same time (and get enough sleep!), workout at a time that works best for your schedule and plan out your meals and snacks!

3. Be realistic! Make changes that make sense for your life and that are sustainable. For example: If you can’t live forever without carbs - don’t give them up! Creating a healthy lifestyle is all about long term changes - not about the number on the scale in the short term!

 Big thanks to @melisfit_!