Grab Your Girl & Go!

Grab Your Girl & Go!

What better way to hang out with your bestie than doing a workout together?! We've got 4 fun moves for you both to try! These partner exercises are without equipment, and only require your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere, anytime. For an full workout do 3 reps of 15!

1. Partner Get-ups 

Works your core, biceps and quads!

Sit down on the floor with alternating feet, cross arms and grab hands. Slowly stand up using your partner's weight to balance. You will definitely have to trust your partner for this move! 

2. BFF Bridge

Fun way to work your glutes, core and quads!

Lay on your back and press your feet together. Lift your hips as you push into your partner's feet and squeeze your glutes.

3. Back-to-Back Chair 

Great move for core and quads!

Sit down on the floor back-to-back and link arms. Slowly stand up as you press your back into your partner. This move is all about trust and finding balance with your partner. 


4. Partner Pulls

Great way to work your back, core and biceps!

This move only works if both partners are creating tension. Make your partner work! This move should consist of a slow and steady back and forth movement.