Get Balanced | Talking Self-Care with Coach Aaliyah

Get Balanced | Talking Self-Care with Coach Aaliyah

Health Coach Aaliyah talks self care Health Coach Aaliyah talks mental health and self care

 Aaliyah is wearing our August look, Natural Beauty.

Ahh...self-care. While “self-care” can show up as an indulgent spa day, that’s not all it means. It’s taking an active approach towards improving your physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether that shows up for you as a spa day, or instilling habits of getting enough sleep every night, or going out for a few minutes of fresh air every day, there are so many ways to find what works best for numero uno: YOU. 

Self-care is definitely an investment, but it’s a worthwhile one. Our favorite health and fitness coach, Aaliyah, shares how she makes sure to make time for herself—that is, unless she’s busy with her cute dog, Chance, named after the one and only Chance the Rapper. 

What inspired you to start to invest in yourself?

Honestly one of my close friends. I was so concerned with always making sure that they were happy in our relationship and I neglected making decisions that would ultimately make me happy because I didn’t have that same amount of love for myself. They called me out on it and inspired me to do some introspection and start my self-love/self-care journey.

What does self-care mean to you?

A lot of people think that self-care means taking a day out of your weekend to pamper yourself with facials and manicures but self-care to me is a daily occurrence in the little things that you do to honor your mind, body, and soul. Self-care is setting boundaries in your relationships. Self-care is eating the donut. Self-care is staying hydrated and getting ample amounts of sleep.

What are your favorite ways to self-care? What does your self-care routine look like?

There are so many. I love to exercise, read about personal development, and spend time working on my faith daily. My daily self-care routine includes waking up and spending time with God, sneaking extra snuggles with my dog after our walk, getting in my workout, feeding myself breakfast, lunch, and dinner, drinking a gallon of water throughout the day, reading before bed, and setting my phone to Do Not Disturb after 9:30.

How does fitness play into your self-care routine?

Fitness is a HUGE part of my self-care routine. Not only is it a way to physically take care of myself, but also mentally. Exercise has been my greatest stress reliever and mental escape. After a workout I feel empowered and less stressed to deal with whatever is troubling me.

What do you do to unwind and/or treat yourself?

To unwind, I love to watch reality TV shows on Paramount+ like Big Brother, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Love Island, or Survivor. And nothing makes my TV watching better than food. My guilty pleasure of choice when treating myself is Chick-Fil-A. I’m a #1 combo with no pickles kind of gal.

What is your favorite inspiring quote at the moment?

Favorite inspiring quote always changes but at the moment: “You are your decisions, not your circumstances.” It gives me chills and reminds me that everything that I want is in reach. I just have to make the decision to go and get it.


Early bird or Night owl

Cardio or Weight-lifting (Both, but lately, weight lifting)

Sweet or Savory

Matcha or Coffee (Neither, but if I had to choose, coffee!)

Fall or Summer

World Traveler or Home body

Friends or The Office

Aaliyah is a full-time online health and fitness coach based and stay-at-home dog mom to an Australian Shepherd in Tampa, Florida. At 24 years young, she loves concerts, reality TV, and Bath & Body Works candles. Find her on Instagram and Twitter at @itsaaliyahjade.