4 Power Moves to Get You Through December!

Posted on December 07, 2017

It's December, all we want to do is eat, drink and be merry....Wrong! It's time to get up and MOVE!  

Meet Chelsey Rose, certified Health Coach and author of Chelsey Rose Health blog. Follow her to learn tips and tricks for workout inspiration and easy/energizing food! 

Check out her Chelsey's 4 Power Moves to guide us through the final days of 2017!  Start with 1 move a week and add them together for a full body workout! 

Move 1
FROG JUMPS (4 reps of 15):
Frog jumps are a fun way to get in a full body workout! You work your shoulders, arms, core, legs and booty. The quick movement requires a lot of energy as well as balance and core strength. 
These will help you burn fat and build lean muscles. 

Move 2
JUMP SQUATS (4 reps of 15):
One of my go to's!! Jump squats are AMAZING for building a booty. The quickness of the move results in you doing cardio and by doing 4 rounds of these, with a break in between each round, you are getting your heart rate UP and then letting it come back down slightly. This allows for maximum calorie burn and fat burn, especially in the belly. 
Also, JUMPING builds the top part of your booty so you start to get that nice definition from your back to your bum. 

Move 3
ICE SKATERS (4 reps of 15):
Ice skaters work the legs and the booty as you jump back and fourth BUT they also require CORE strength and help build to those core muscles. Jumping from one foot to the other involves balance which activates the core. 
For a harder workout, refrain from putting your non-landing foot down. Instead, let it glide behind you slightly, and tap the ground with your hand to isolate each leg and glute even more. 

Move 4
V-UPS (4 reps of 20):
One of the best ways to work your upper AND lower abs, all in one move. Bringing your head, neck and shoulders up off the ground requires upper ab strength while extending your legs out then bringing them back in requires lower abs strength. Chelsey suggests doing 4 rounds of 20 AS SLOW AS YOU CAN in order to REALLY activate those core muscles.