Monthly Box

No April fools joke to be had here: This box is plain gorgeous!

6 pieces, not 5 this month, and all of them are exactly what we need for our workouts, no matter what they are, and here are the facts:

Crisscross cutout leggings. Boom. Do you follow what's hot right now? Yes, cutout leggings are smoking hot, and we have them, and they are gorgeous.

Let's match this look with a strappy seamless bra. Strappy in the front, yes, in the front, and a gorgeous pattern in the back. Perfect support for your workouts, and girl, so extremely CUTE.

And then there's this airy, not too tight - not too loose, tie in the back, singlet tank, with a breathable back. Rock it!

You wanted different accessories, and we have them:

Case in point the thin headband to keep your hair in place during that Zumba class.

5 hair ties - not the boring single color ones, but the cute bold hair ties. Five, yes five.

And then there's this towel. It's obviously moisture wicking microfiber that sucks up the last drop of sweat, but it's also magnetic. So stick it to that elliptical, or the weights, or the locker, or - you get the point: it's magnetic. Hello! So yes, this box, is amazing. You're welcome.

Sports Bra:

  • 32-33
  • 34-35
  • 36-37
  • 38-39
  • 40


  • 0-2
  • 4-6
  • 8-10
  • 12-14
  • 16


  • 34-36
  • 36-38
  • 38-40
  • 40-42
  • 43




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