About us

Ellie sends you one fashion-forward, quality 3-piece activewear outfit every month for less than the cost of a single piece at a retailer. And unlike other subscription boxes, you have options: choose one of our pre-styled activewear and accessory filled boxes to get exactly what you love. Delivered directly to your door, our subscription boxes save you the time, money, and sanity it takes time to hunt down clothes (and deals) in person.

And while that’s what we do, we believe it’s more important to tell you why we do it.

We believe that you can never have too many leggings, but that you shouldn’t have to give up Sunday brunches to get them. We believe that some days you need vinyasa and other days you need vino. We believe that the future is female, and that lifting each other up makes us stronger. We believe that every body is beautiful, and that wearing that perfect outfit can add an inch to your smile and shave seconds off your personal best. We believe that being active, healthy and balanced in mind and body is the best kind of self-love you can give. As a team of women, we ‘re right there with you. And that’s why we created Ellie. When you open your Ellie box each month, we hope that you are reminded that even small acts of self-care and self-love matter. We hope you feel the love we pour into creating every piece of clothing, in sweat-testing every outfit, and in styling every look. We hope that each Ellie outfit you wear helps you feel a bit more confident as you hit your stride. And we hope that you believe, like we do, that feeling that way is worth every penny.