WFH: How We're Doing

WFH: How We're Doing

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in social distancing as a means to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The result? Among other practices of this new normal, albeit temporary, isolation, lots of alone time, and many people working from home. We’re so used to going out when and where we’d like to, that this new normal has us reevaluating even the smallest of tasks. As widespread suggested rules quickly turned into mandatory quarantining, the world has been faced with a new way of living, by way of staying indoors. Our Ellie staff is feeling the wave of emotions that comes with this sensitive time, and we’re sharing our thoughts with you. 

“It's been alright! As a homebody, I’m really loving my time alone. I like to play bossa nova and light some incense while tidying up the house. I keep the same schedule as I do normally, so adjusting hasn't been too difficult. My only struggle WFH is not having a dual monitor!"  - Alex


“The first week I was losing my mind trying to work a full-time job and now being a full time homeschool teacher! My anxiety was through the roof, I couldn't sleep, and was having a hard time breathing (not COVID-19, just anxiety attacks). By week two, my son and I had adapted a routine. We wake up, have breakfast together, and then we sit at the table together working. He works on his homework next to me while I work. He’s learned a few rules now (like silent time when Mom’s on a conference call), and if he gives me a hard time during homework time, he gets no play time on his PlayStation. We've also started to do mini walks around our block, just to get out and get fresh air, and when we get back from our walk we make sure to leave our shoes on the porch. We definitely want to make sure we are extra careful with the germs we are bringing into our home. In regards to my anxiety, I made an appointment with my doctor (on FaceTime), and she recommended I start to meditate before bed. She told me to download an app called Relax Melodies (it's free) and let me tell you, I have been sleeping like a baby — it has helped so much with my anxiety.

Watching my church app (@crossroadsca) has also helped me a lot during this time, and one thing my pastor constantly says, and I make sure to always keep this in mind is, "It could be worse." Although it’s such a simple saying, I think we get so wrapped up in all the negativity/stress, and we panic and freak out, that we never take a second and think to ourselves that yes, the situation could be much worse. So, we need to calm down, look at the positive things in our lives (like being able to spend more time with my son, our family, or like having a job that allows me to work from home), always be grateful for the good that we have, and think things could have been worse, but they aren't.” - Gabby


“Working from home has been challenging so far on the “work” front. It’s so easy to just get up from my desk and find the right people to talk out an issue with or look at a product to tackle questions together. Even as connected as our team is online, I’m struggling to get past that. The bright side has been eliminating my very long daily commute. I’ve taken to keeping my same morning schedule instead of sleeping in a little extra. This has allowed me to go for a walk every morning before starting my day, and also extra time for an additional walk or run when I’m finished working for the day. I can’t get enough of that time in nature right now, after so much time indoors!” - Laura


“My quarantine-mate and I have enacted a daily WFH OOTD challenge (@pxstmag on instagram for reference), and that's made at least getting dressed exciting! We also "went to the beach" last weekend by setting up an ocean-like tapestry over the balcony edge and laying out in the sun. #stayhome. It's been useful to set a routine—keeping regular work hours (and fully turning that brain on/off when possible), sticking to a flexible meal plan, and SLEEPING CONSISTENTLY. Waking up and going to bed at my body's natural rhythm makes keeping a sane brain feel less challenging. 

That said, it's hard. We live in an already trying and anxiety-inducing world, and staying positive can be tough. I'm trying to keep focused on the little daily moments of fun and less on the specifics of the pandemic. What's happening is happening, and that's out of my control. I also find it useful to acknowledge all of the emotions—confusion, fear, frustration, loneliness; they can all exist at the same time, that's okay, and talking it out helps! Don't dwell on it, feel it, and move on. 

This is a time for us to recharge. Instead of over-committing and trying to outperform myself at my norm, I'm allowing myself to be inspired. Reading, watching creative programming, falling in love with the piano again, etc. Soak it all up and use it later! Don't be so hard on yourself, believe in your strength, and WASH YOUR HANDS!! From at least six feet away!” - Dan

We'd love to see how you guys are all holding up at home! Share images of your makeshift work space, new hobbies, and daily routines,  and tag us @ellieactivewear using the tag #LoveEllie! Keep up all of your social distancing habits and know we'll get through this together, soon.