Treat Yourself | 5 At-Home Beauty Treatments

Treat Yourself | 5 At-Home Beauty Treatments

When you spend almost all of your time in the house, and salons and beauty counters are not available to you, your beauty routine does not have to suffer! A quick pivot, and you can quickly become the master of your own beauty-routine domain! With online tutorials, creativity, and your own experimentation, you can figure out ways to make yourself look and feel great, from head to toe. We’re covering five trendy ways to create the hair, nails, skin, feet, and make-up of your dreams — courtesy of  you!


When it comes to your nails, there are several ways to keep them looking good. Staying home has birthed a variety of DIY nail trends. From throwback press-on options to the modern sticker version of that, the possibilities, colors, and patterns are endless! You can even put in the practice to perfect giving yourself a full manicure — pushing cuticles back included — after learning how to (patiently) apply coats of regular or gel nail polish. The beauty? No appointment necessary!


Jade rollers, face masks, and steamers, oh my! Keeping the skin you’re in healthy is top priority. What you do in order to get it there can be your own perfect combination of things. If you’re looking for a way to replace the trips to the facialist with a more convenient and fulfilling DIY routine, we’ve got some suggestions. Staying home, a lot of us have done away with the make-up brush and replaced it with an exfoliating rotating face brush, leading to an au-naturel look that’s easy, breathable, and, quite frankly, refreshing. Even with lightweight make-up, pores tend to get congested, so subtracting that from your everyday habits, you’re giving your skin a welcome time-out. Treating your skin to increased circulation, and ultimately, a beautiful and healthy glow, can be achieved with the careful (and informed) use of products that are compatible with your skin type, along with face masks, steamers, and jade rollers.


Missing the hair salon? Hair experimentation has become the in thing to do. With salon closures and other safety measures in place, we have plenty of time to try out new looks for ourselves. From updos and low buns to individual braids and going natural, we’ve felt the nudge to take matters into our own hands — literally! Also a big deal online in the tutorial world, learning to get creative with your hairstyles has proven to be both rewarding and fun! Who knows, you may even end up starting a new hair trend by accident!

Foot-peel trend:

Have you seen the foot treatment trend everyone is talking about? Well, you may want to brace yourself for this one! The foot peel has become popular as a pretty extreme means to getting your feet to be baby soft. With a number of brands available — from the cost effective to the splurge — you can achieve the conquering of calluses and dead skin, in the amount of time it takes to watch one episode of your favorite show! The jump-start begins there, with an up-to-one-hour “steep” with your feet in product-soaked socks, but the journey continues days later when you start to see the effects. The dead skin starts to peel off in chunks — similar to a snake shedding its outer layer — and within about one week, your feet will look and feel brand new! 


If you’ve ever wanted to be your own make-up artist, now is your chance! Grab your color palettes, brushes, wands, pencils, and sponges, and go for it! In addition to the TLC we’ve been giving to our skin — providing the perfect canvas for your make-up trials — being home provides a quiet place for you to try out different looks you may have been wanting to test out, but haven’t had the motivation or time. One suggestion is concentrating on one part of your face at a time (e.g. eyes), allowing you to perfect the look, before moving on to another part of your face. 

With lots of time for all types of activities at home, we’re encouraging you to also take care of yourself in a way that makes you feel good. Making sure to take care of your beauty routine will not only have you feeling good about yourself on the will translate to how you carry yourself, and giving this treatment to yourself will help you change things up in your day-to-day routine!