The New Year’s Detox

The New Year’s Detox

New Year's Detox

The idea is so alluring: a short, intense, burst of cleanse and renewal, in which we purge all accumulated crap inside us (mental and physical) from the previous year and start fresh.

But then you realize... I have to do what? And give up WHAT? For how long??

While the famous juice cleanse is the most common go-to detox, it’s an intense experience and can be pretty unhealthy if not done properly. So, before you nix the detox idea all together, let’s explore some alternative (and more manageable!) options to give you the best chance at lasting results.

  1. Digital Detox

It’s no secret that constantly being “connected” has a whole bunch of negative effects on our lives. Research has shown that too much daily digital time can leave us depleted, unfocused, depressed, and massively drained of creativity.

But, since unplugging completely is usually not an option, you’ll be glad to know that making small changes can have a huge impact on calming our minds and ridding us from unnecessary distractions. Why not try Social Media-Free Sunday? Or No-Device Dinners? We also love the idea of a No-Tech Road Trip (remember paper maps?). Short, dedicated periods away from our screens can be enough to renew our focus and our appreciation of the present moment.

  1. Dry January

Let’s be real: with all the office holiday parties, family events, and New Year’s Eve celebrations -we often overindulge in alcohol during the month of December. Our go-to way to detox from all the drinking? Dry January.

It’s pretty simple: if you’re really disciplined you can abstain from alcohol all together for the month. Or, just like with food and exercise, build in a cheat day or limit your consumption to X number of glasses per week. Besides being a great reset, cutting back on alcohol also cuts back on extra calories and keeps you from being dehydrated and sluggish -which helps with workout motivation!

  1. Clean Eating

If you’re anything like us, you’ll do a food detox “When I don’t have any parties/showers/dinner dates/birthdays on the horizon...” –i.e. NEVER.

The truth is, resetting your relationship with food is a journey -one that requires both discipline and lots of kindness. Rather than the old “I’m only eating raw broccoli and steamed quinoa for the rest of my life” resolution, we suggest starting with a 30-day challenge, and making changes that are significant, but not impossible.

In keeping with our theme of small steps and moderation, try a weekly clean eating schedule that allows for one cheat day and one cheat meal. This means cutting back on refined grains, additives, preservatives, unhealthy fats and large amounts of added sugar and salt and eating more whole foods (such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats). But doing this, you’re slowly bringing your body back to enjoying healthy foods, but still allowing for a social life (which is just as important for your health!). Yes, you can have your cake AND eat your chia seeds too... but you may notice, with time, that you won’t want the cake nearly as often.

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