The Homestretch | Yoga Sequence with Sierra Nowak

The Homestretch | Yoga Sequence with Sierra Nowak

We love a good yoga sequence, and we’re closing out the year with an everyday flow by yogi Sierra Nowak. This year, self-care activities have been much needed, and Sierra is giving us all a gift to take us into the new year, and beyond. We also had the chance to ask Sierra a little more about her fitness loves, challenges, and favorite things.

 Sierra is wearing our December look,  Polar Perfection. 


 Sierra wears our December looks,  Polar Perfection and Purple Haze.


What is your favorite way to work out and why? 

I love anything that feels like an activity — HIIT workouts, yoga classes, paddle boarding! Basically, anything other than your traditional gym workout. 

How many times do you work out a week? 

I aim for three days a week — some weeks it’s only two, and some it’s five. I also am pretty active in my daily schedule, which I think helps! 

How do you overcome workout challenges?

My biggest challenge is motivation, so whenever I am feeling unmotivated, I try to envision my dream role and how I want to look on the big screen, and that always seems to light a fire under my butt!

What is your go-to post and pre-workout snack?

Pre-workout snacks for me are boiled eggs, oatmeal, or anything in that bland category, so it’s easy on my stomach. I wake up hungry most days, so I need to eat a little something before working out. For post, I am a sucker for a good protein smoothie, sometimes I also use those for motivation! 

What is your favorite cheat day meal?

Cheesy pasta is my weakness — I love a good stuffed shell dinner or a big bowl of baked mac-n-cheese! Love me a good carbs-and-cheese overload!


Matcha or Coffee – Iced Matcha, unsweetened with oat milk.

Yoga or Pilates – YOGA, ALL DAY!

Fall or Summer – Fall has my heart.

World Traveler or Backyard Explorer – World Traveler.

Gilmore Girls or Friends – Wow, this one’s hard. Friends, if I have to!

Early bird or Night Owl – Night Owl.

Tacos + Guac or Burgers + Fries – Tacos.

This yoga sequence was contributed exclusively to Ellie by Sierra Nowak, yogi, actress, candlemaker, and mental health awareness and women’s empowerment advocate . Instagram: @sierranowak.