Slide Your Way to Strength

Slide Your Way to Strength

The Sliding Discs

These discs take some basic moves you may already be familiar with and kick them up a notch. That’s right: the pain and sweat of the mountain climber can get even more intense... but trust us - it’s totally worth it!

The following set of exercises is adapted from a workout created by Ray Wallace, a certified trainer at YG Studios in New York City.

Start with the core:

  1. The Knee Tucksliding disc knee tucks
  2. The Mountain Climber mountain climber with sliding discs
  3. The Pike 

Then, move on to the lower body:

  1. The Reverse Tucksliding disc reverse tuck
  2. The Reverse Lungesliding disc reverse lunges
  3. The Lateral Lungesliding disc lateral lunges
  4. The Curtsy Lungesliding disc curtsy lunges
  5. The Skisliding disc ski workout

And finish off with the upper body:

  1. The Arm Slidesliding disc arm slides
  2. The Sliding Push-Upsliding disc pushups

Perform each move for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Complete 2 to 3 rounds of the entire circuit.

Psst: The hard side of the sliding disc is for use on a carpeted floor, while the fabric side is for hardwood floors.

We're sure you'll love this body sculpting anywhere/anytime workout as much as we do. 

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