Knot Today! | Self-Massage Tips & Tricks

Knot Today! | Self-Massage Tips & Tricks

Feeling a little sore? Are your neck and back giving you trouble? Same! We’ve been noticing that since working from home, we’ve had to adjust some of our poor habits — poor posture, slumping over our computers, and forgetting to stretch regularly — and adjust them quickly! From our back muscles to our legs, there are several ways we’ve found out we can give ourselves a (self) massage, and we want to share those methods with you!

As an added bonus, this month, in our 5-item box, we include a body massager as part of our equipment offer! The Zobha massager is small and compact, which is great for travel, and rolls around for improved circulation and the release of tension! You can use the massager for each of your trouble spots, outlined below, if you want to change things up in terms of pressure or overall ways to get those stubborn knots out!

Before you begin, be sure to do some research on the correct placement of your hands and the massager, so that you don’t do more damage than good!

Neck and shoulders:

Long days in front of the computer, especially when we forget to stretch, can cause kinks in your neck and shoulders. Take your fingers and place them at the base of your neck, where it meets your shoulders. You can press the tight spots and hold, or you can slowly and gently move your fingers in a way that helps to free the knots, and help you relax. Use the massager if you want less concentrated pressure, moving it back and forth over trouble areas.


Your back can be a tricky area. It’s hard to reach, and you may be thinking that you’ll just have to wait until you’re able to go to the spa. Not necessarily! While you can definitely use a similar hand or massager technique on your lower back, reaching the middle would be more of a strain — which defeats the purpose. One hack we like is using a tennis ball. Making sure not to injure yourself, lay on the ground or a mat. Place the tennis ball (or other small and relatively soft ball) between your back and the floor, slowly moving it around with your back, targeting the spots that have knots to work out. 


You may be on your feet less, unless you’re taking advantage of the summer days and getting out for regular walks and/or runs. If you’re not, and have been more in the mood for living your best life on the couch, your feet may feel a little more cramped than usual. Another opportunity to use the tennis ball, it’s a good idea to stretch them out. Sit or stand, and place the ball under your foot. Keep your balance while rolling it around, under your foot, from toes to heel, applying a pressure that feels comfortable. You can also use the Zobha massager, but don’t step on it, as it might break. Try staying seated and using your hands, fingers, or massager to work out any stiffness in your foot, top and bottom. 

Hands and wrists:

We type and text with fury, and our hands and wrists feel the effects of it. On top of a busy work day, we tend to scroll, click, and swipe more often than we realize. All of this can lead to hand and wrist pain. With a focus on your fingers first, use the index and thumb from the opposite hand to rub each finger, from the base to the nail. Follow this with a simple rub on the palm of your hand with your opposite thumb. Lastly, give a rub to your wrist, before stretching it out by putting your arm out to the front, and using the opposite hand to gently pull your fingertips back. Feel the stretch. Again, don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to cause a strain, and make things worse. 

Now that we’ve shared some useful tips on how to feel better after a long day (or days!) of non-stop typing and scrolling, add them to your regular routine! These are easy massages that can be done while you’re relaxing, cooking, or on your next happy hour Zoom call!