How to Make it a Great Galentine’s Day

How to Make it a Great Galentine’s Day

For those new to the Galentine concept, it’s a day devoted to you and your girlfriends. An occasion to put down your phone and honor your forever friendships. Like Friendsgiving is to Thanksgiving, Galentine’s Day is typically celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day.

Galentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate womanhood. Give yourself and your best friends some well-deserved girl time this Galentine’s Day

Since the 13th falls on a Wednesday this year, here are 5 party ideas that will honor your friends and still leave you fully present for Thursday-morning meetings.


    Place a bag or little bucket of smooth rocks at each place setting on your table. Put names on them. Get a handful of colorful paint pens and display them in cups. Open a bottle of Rosé, turn on some music, and invite your friends to design a unique rock for every woman in attendance. The rocks are meant to empower, lift, and inspire. Provide a list of inspirational words and sayings they can use, or they can create their own. At the end of the evening, every guest should have a collection of love and inspo meant just for her.


      Make a playlist of your favorite dance music. Fill it with feel-good songs that transform your living room into a dance floor. Set out some apps, wine, and chocolate. Invite your friends to kick-off their shoes, grab a glass, and let loose!


      Tell your friends to take off their makeup, throw on their favorite comfy clothes, and bring their beautiful bare faces over for pampering. Thanks to the K-Beauty trend, there are thousands of single-use face, neck, eye, and hand masks in stores now. Pick up a variety and fill a big bowl. Place the bowl in the center of your table surrounded by some light bites. Invite your guests to explore the beauty products—then sit back, relax, and indulge.

      4. PAINT PARTY

      Pick up a stack of canvases, paint brushes, can of clear paint sealer, and variety of acrylic paints. Place a canvas (with each woman’s name on the back) on every seat around your table. Option 1: Invite each guest to walk around and paint a message or design on every canvas. Option 2: Print out a list of inspirational music lyrics, movie lines, poetry, etc. Tell your friends to pick what speaks to them and paint it. Once done, create a smooth finish by spraying sealer on each canvas, and share a toast to friendship while they dry.


      For one night, pass on the salmon and forget the kale. Welcome your friends to an evening of rule breaking. Invite them to make their favorite treat for a dessert-only potluck. Leaving room for what they bring—set out your signature dessert, plus real ice cream and colored sprinkles to make any treat à la mode. Complement the sweets with coffee, tea, and sparkling water. Or the pièce de résistance—flutes sparkling with champagne and frozen berries.  

      May your Galentine’s and Valentine’s Days be celebrated with those closest to your heart.