Posted on June 13, 2019

Think you need fancy, expensive equipment to turn your fitness routine up a notch? Think again! You’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve using only open space and a set of agility cones. The exercises below are designed to help you improve speed, conditioning, footwork, and overall athletic performance.

We recommend starting slow to make sure you get your coordination down and ramping up the speed and intensity as you feel more comfortable with the drills. As always, make sure you begin with a proper warmup.

upgrade your fitness routine with agility cones

In-and-Out Drill: Place two cones on the ground, 1 beside each foot. While still standing directly between them, quickly step your right foot over and outside of the right cone, then your left foot over and outside of the left cone. Immediately step your right foot back to the starting position, followed by your left foot. Continue alternating these steps for 30 seconds then rest for 1 minute. That's 1 round. Complete 4 rounds, switching your lead foot with every new round.

Forward and Back Shuffle:Place five cones on the ground in a zig-zag line pattern about 4 feet apart from each other. Start at the cone farthest to the left. Stand parallel to the cones (with all cones to the right of you).  Shuffle forward and to the right, passing in front of the first cone, then shuffle backwards and to the right crossing behind the second cone, then forward and around the third cone. Continue in this weaving pattern until you reach the last cone. When you reach the end, reverse your shuffle, weaving back to the start. Repeat for 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute. That's 1 round. Complete 4 rounds.

Shuttle Drill: This drill is one of the most popular drills to measure quickness and agility. Place 3 cones on the ground, 5 yards apart in a straight line (refer to cones in a 3-1-2 layout, so cone #1 is the middle cone). Start by standing over cone #1 with one hand touching the cone. Sprint to the second cone and bend down and touch the cone with one hand. Quickly change directions and sprint to the third cone and touch it with your hand. Sprint back through the first cone (like a sprinter crossing the finish line). Rest for 1 minute, then repeat 3 more times alternating starting direction each time.

upgrade your fitness routine with agility cones

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