SOLE TO SOUL: 5 Reasons Why a Foot Massage Is Actually Good For Your Health

SOLE TO SOUL: 5 Reasons Why a Foot Massage Is Actually Good For Your Health

Whether you’re running errands all day, sweating it out in a tough workout class or using a stand-up desk, your feet can often take a pretty big beating. A foot massage doesn’t only feel great—it works serious magic when it comes to your health too. Here are 5 reasons why a foot massage is more than just a feel-good practice.

Benefits of Foot Masage


A foot massage helps improve the circulation in your feet, which is especially helpful since they’re confined in tight shoes all day. This leads to increased blood flow and better sensation, not to mention the fact that you might notice them tingling less than usual (and that’s a good thing).


Does anyone actually like getting a headache? We’re pretty sure the answer is no. Regular foot massage and reflexology have been shown to reduce the amount of headaches you may get. A study in Denmark showed that 65% of the 200 patients had reduced symptoms after 3 months.


No one wants to wind up with a twisted or broken ankle. Giving yourself a foot massage 3-5 times a week can help relieve joint pain and reduce muscle soreness, and it can also prevent a future injury when you combine it with strengthening exercises.


Edema—AKA swelling from fluid retention—is one of the more unfortunate side effects of pregnancy. Luckily, a foot massage is an easy remedy. Massaging your feet daily can help to reduce the swelling—and the side effect of that is feeling a LOT more comfortable than you did before.


We all go through times of struggle, and that’s okay. But one way to help yourself feel a little better is through a foot massage and reflexology. Known as an ancient healing practice, reflexology works by applying pressure to points on the foot that correspond to different organs and glands in the body. To help relieve symptoms of depression, combine these two practices together for a few minutes a couple of times a day.

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