Flower Child Hair

Flower Child Hair

Flower crowns are so last year. This year, show your spirit with free floating blooms!

Try our tips below for easy DIY festival hair:

1. Pick your flower - Choose whichever flowers speak to you! Remember, you can use real or fake flowers. Helpful tip: If you use real flowers, chill them the night before to keep them fresh & crisp. 

2. Set your hair - This look is super easy and low maintenance. Just lightly tease your hair in the spot you want the flowers. Make sure to use hairspray for texture so the flower stays in place. 

3. Place in hair -  Keeping some of the stem on the flower, place the flower in your hair. The best thing about this is you can play with the look and create your own pattern! 

4. Rock your look - Wearing flowers in your hair is a stunning look! Get ready for compliments. 


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