Flex for Life | Talking Health & Fitness with Coach Dani

Flex for Life | Talking Health & Fitness with Coach Dani

They say that the only constant is change, and if the past year or so has taught us anything, it's definitely that. We know that establishing a routine is a major key to success in both our personal and professional lives, along with our physical and mental health, but what if something happens that throws that routine off? 

Personal trainer Dani (@dani_brickmanfit) experienced an injury that pushed her to find other ways to move and continue along her health and fitness journey. Read more about how this injury and the changes of 2020 pushed her to stay flexible in both body and mind.

@dani_brickmanfit in Ellie outfit, Moon ShineDani is wearing Ellie October outfit, Moon Shine.

What is your favorite way to work out?
My favorite way to workout is to constantly keep it fresh and new and constantly challenging my muscles by changing up my workouts. From doing weight training with dumbbells and kettlebells, to working on my balance using only bodyweight. Or adding HIIT exercises in the mix in every workout, or when I'm feeling extra tired and worn out, allowing an active rest by taking long walks in the sunshine.

What motivates you to work out regularly? 
The way exercise makes me feel is a huge motivation—not just the results in my physical appearance, but also the energy and mood elevation I get. I definitely miss that when I skip a day!

How has fitness impacted your life?
Fitness has always had a huge impact on my life and career. I've always been physically active, as I was training to become a professional dancer from a young age. When I was injured and no longer able to dance anymore, fitness has continued to impact my life as I became a full time personal trainer. Giving back to clients all I have learned in my lifetime and experience has been such a blessing.

What ways do you balance working out and your personal life?  
Luckily I'm pretty active and on my feet while working with clients. For me, it is super easy to just keep going and workout for an extra hour or two when I have finished training others for the day. Also having a space at home has made it super convenient, so now there really are no excuses for not putting in the work!

How has quarantine impacted your fitness goals?
2020 actually got a lot rolling at home in a good way! We converted our garage into a beautiful home gym full with equipment, mirrors, music, a TV and fun colored mood lights! It helped me not only stay in shape but also got the ball rolling for me to taking my training to new heights.

What are other routines that have helped you through quarantine? 
Learning how to destress, like finding ways that help to calm down the mind when tensions are super high. For me, that was keeping busy with projects, like my weekly social media posts. Through 2020, I got into a routine of posting a fitness or wellness tip every Tuesday (#TipTuesday) and a fitness video every Friday (#FitnessFriday). Having that to focus on helped me focus on positivity and helped get out of those negative mindsets that were so easy to get stuck in.

Any parting words for anyone needing a little extra inspo?
Having lived through an injury that took pretty much everything away from me at the time, I have learned that no matter how dark and lost the future looks, there's always a sliver of light in there...you just need to know how to find it! Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years but there is a light at the end. If you look hard enough, sometimes you might just be able to turn that tragedy into a blessing.


Early bird or Night owl

Cardio or Weight-lifting (BOTH!)

Sweet or Savory

Matcha or Coffee

Fall or Summer

World Traveler or Home body

Friends or The Office (Neither - Dexter!)

Dani is a Cleveland-based personal trainer and behavioral coach—and your new favorite go-to for health and wellness tips or workout videos. Catch her on Instagram @dani_brickmanfit.