5 Simple Ways to Put Self Love Into Practice

5 Simple Ways to Put Self Love Into Practice

Research suggests that self love and acceptance could lead to greater satisfaction with your life, but learning how to do it isn’t always easy. Like most good things, it’s a process. But, with a little practice, some daily ruminations (yes this may include a “hey self, you look beautiful today :)) and dedicated commitment to speak kindly to yourself, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to turn on the self-love. Not quite sure how? Not to worry. We’ve made a list of 5 quick and easy ways to get the process going.

change your self-talk

Define Your Beauty

Start this conversation today. Don’t wait until you lose the weight or change your hairstyle. You are who you are today and you can start loving yourself now by honoring the person in front of you. To do this, pick one part of you that you are least critical of (maybe it’s your integrity, eyes or even that cute little freckle on the left side of your cheek) and write down the reasons why you like it and/or how it makes you stand apart. Do this every day (even if it’s the same attribute). Chances are, by recognizing these attributes as the things that makes you beautiful, you’ll start seeing and appreciating your unique features in a new way.  

Change Your Self-Talk

If you run into negative self-talk (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), it’s important that you recognize when it’s happening. When it does, ask yourself, “would I speak to a friend in this way?” If the answer is no, change your dialogue. We very easily get down on ourselves in a way we would never do with a friend. Instead of criticizing yourself when you make a mistake, try being your own best friend. Replace your negative self-talk with more positive words and you’ll be surprised how quickly it alters the way you feel about yourself.

Stop Comparing

It’s dangerous, it’s unhealthy and it’s a sure-fire recipe for self-loathing. When you catch yourself doing it, stop. Then, turn your focus to all the things you DO have and learn to be OK with imperfection (after all, nobody is perfect - even if it might look that way on social media).

5 ways to put self-love into practice

Be Active

Exercise releases endorphins and helps you feel happier. Making it a regular part of your life is important. But, if this kind of practice isn’t already part of your weekly routine, don’t fret.  Even 15 minutes a day can help you feel better about yourself. As you begin or continue your exercise journey, we encourage you to think of being active as an act of self-love and an opportunity to be good to your body. Respect your individual needs for movement, food, and rest. And no matter what, honor it at all costs.

Do More Things You Love

What are the things you love to do? What hobbies and interests are you good at? When you engage in activities that feed your soul, it positively affects how you feel about yourself.

It’s simple, but true: The more love you have towards yourself, the happier you will feel. And, the happier you feel, the more motivated you will be to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Life is what we make of it, so get out and enjoy it!

How do you practice self-love? Tag us in a post and let us know! #LoveEllie