5 Eco-Friendly Hacks You Can Do Now

5 Eco-Friendly Hacks You Can Do Now

Let’s make every day Earth Day! We’re cleaning up our act by considering our effects on the environment and ditching those seemingly harmless activities that could be making a big carbon footprint. We invite you to join us and do your part for the planet this month and beyond.

Here are some eco-friendly transformations you can easily adopt without disrupting your daily routine. From simple swaps in your beauty regimen, to small tweaks in the laundry room, read on for five easy-to-accomplish habits that are Mother Nature-approved.

1. Remove Responsibly

Embrace a no-waste method when it comes to removing your makeup. Rethink your disposable makeup wipes—you know, the ones totaling 7.6 billion pounds in landfills each year—and try the MakeUp Eraser instead. Once you try this plush, washable towel that can be tossed in the laundry, you’ll never go back to a single-use makeup wipe. Simply add warm water to remove your makeup, and this must-have staple will become a mainstay in your bathroom.

makeup eraser

Spoiler Alert! The Ellie 5-piece box for April features this good-for-the-environment Makeup Eraser.

2. Put it in Park

Join the movement to reduce CO2 emissions by swapping your car for public transit, carpooling or even riding a bike. If you considered the amount of waste that a typical vehicle emits (about 4.6 metric tons of carbon monoxide per year), then you might consider changing up your commute to work and to workout. Carpooling with friends to the gym will keep you both accountable, while hopping on your bike is a great way to burn a few extra calories on your way to and from the studio. It might not be feasible to make these changes on a daily basis, but just a day or two per week can make a big difference.

3. Ditch the Plastic

Upgrade your sip game with reusable metal drinking straws, making your post-workout smoothie more sustainable and Instagrammable in one easy move. These eco-friendly alternatives are durable, chill-able and sometimes come with their own carrying case for on-the-go sipping. Plus, feel great knowing that you’re not contributing to the unnecessary mounting pollution of nearly 8.3 billion pesky plastic straws in the world’s oceans that endanger birds and marine creatures.

4. Keep it Cold

After a sweat session, toss your workout clothes into the wash on cold and dry them on cool temps. Simply turning the dial to cold on your laundry will lessen the environmental impact your laundry has on the earth. Not only will it prevent the fibers from breaking down (ensuring your favorite yoga pants last longer), but also washing on cold uses less energy than it would take to heat the water to hot.

5. Find a Better Bottle  

While you’re on an eco-conscious roll, remember to always take a reusable water bottle with you when on-the-go or at the gym. This planet-saving option will help you resist the temptation to buy a single-use plastic water bottle that will eventually contribute to the 2 million tons of discarded bottles filling our landfills. With so many stylish reusable water bottle options, your only trouble will be choosing just one!

There’s only one Earth, so in honor of Earth Day, let’s become more environmentally friendly together. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to take action, one simple step at a time! Connect with us on social and share how you’re getting earth friendly.