Oh my, what did we do? We introduced a gorgeous rose gold metallic 750ml water bottle and Instagram went cray. Well, we listened, you wanted to be able to buy the bottle on its own, and now you can. Whether you use it to the gym or take it to a concert, it's the most stylish bottle you'll ever use. Did you know it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours? And your fave hot beverage stays hot for 12 hours? That's pretty amazing if you ask us. Oh, and did we tell you that it also holds an entire bottle of wine? We're not sure what you do with that last bit of information - wink wink - but you know, days at the beach, or in the park, are fabulous with some ice cold Sauvignon Blanc - which nobody would suspect as such. Just saying.


  • ORIGINAL: $40.00
  • NOW: $19.95
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